Winter Update from Gamma Alumni Assc

Spring ’12 Rush Results

Gamma Chapter recently completed its Spring ’12 recruitment with 9 new associate members going through their first activity on 2/3. Official rush ran from 1/19 – 1/27. If all 9 new associate members are initiated this would put our 2011-2012 Academic Year new member initiates at 20. This would get us close to/over the 40 member live-in mark for next Fall. Congrats to the Chapter for all their hard work.

Deftos/Chang Activity – Friday, 2/24

The Deftos/Chang Memorial Pledge activity is scheduled for Friday, 2/24 at 8 pm at the former location of the Deftos Memorial Tree near Moffitt. The pledge activity is meant to demonstrate the long bonds of Brotherhood and the potential impact that you can have in a short time within the Chapter. We utilize the stories of Stephen Deftos and Jeff Chang on what they were able to do within the Chapter and how they impacted individuals in the short time they were with us. The plan is for Alumni to meet at the Bear’s Lair at 6:30 pm and then head to the activity at 7:45 pm. If you’d like more information please email Zach Brown, Interim Chapter Advisor ( or me.

Deftos Memorial Tree Update

Per an earlier Fall communication, the Deftos tree had to be cut by the University because it became ill and was dying. We met with the University regarding our options for replacing the felled tree. The University has agreed to re-plant the tree in a location that is ten feet north of the former location. This will enable the tree to survive free of the ivy that suffocated it. Currently, we are in the process of choosing a replacement tree species with the University’s help. The cost of the replacement tree will be $950. I’d like to thank the following alumni (Christian Santiago and Frank Winton Jr) that have already submitted donations. We currently need $830 to fund the replacement cost. If you’d like to contribute to the re-planting of the Deftos Memorial Tree please email me.

Undergraduate Summer Internship Request

Josh Stroud is a 2nd year Mechanical Engineering major who is looking for an internship this summer. The following is the introduction he sent me:

“I am reaching out to you in search of a summer internship in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, or business. I’d prefer internships in Los Angeles (my hometown) or the Bay Area, but am open to opportunities in other locations. I’ve already had several internships at leading software and engineering companies, and I’m looking for an opportunity to really integrate myself into an engineering team and see what I can do. Thanks for your time, and please feel free to email me if you would like any further information or a copy of my resume.”

Push America Summer Participants – Need Help Fundraising

As many of you know Gamma Chapter has a rich tradition of having participated in Summer Fundraising Events on behalf of our National Fraternity’s philanthropy (PUSH America). We’ve been fortunate enough to have at least one Gamma representative every year except one since 1993 (JoH Rider – Matt Brown). In addition, to the Journey of Hope (bike ride across America to raise money and awareness for people with disabilities) PUSH has expanded the program to include Gear Up Florida (Since 1997, a bike ride across Florida to raise money and awareness for people with disabilities) and Build America (Since 2003, a six week team event starting at the home of Rock ‘n’ Roll in Cleveland, OH and visiting many different camps and communities to improve the accessibility of areas for people with disabilities).

This year we are fortunate to have Gamma Chapter members on the Journey of Hope and Build America teams. On the Journey of Hope team we have a rider (David Zhang) and a crew member (Clement Tam). On the Build America team we have one team member (Joel Guerra). Here is a brief update on where they currently are in their fundraising efforts and links to their fundraising pages.

David Zhang, JoH Rider – Is a 1st year student planning to major in Integrated Biology. At time of publishing he has raised $3,020 towards his goal of $8,000. His fundraising page is located HERE.

Clement Tam, JoH Crew Member – Is a 2nd year student from Azusa, CA who is planning to major in Social Welfare. At time of publishing he has raised $2,960 towards his goal of $3,700. His fundraising page is located HERE.

Joel Guerra, Build America Team Member – Is a 2nd year student from the central valley. Major is currently undecided. At time of publishing he has raised $2,720 towards his goal of $5,000. His fundraising page is located HERE.

I hope you will all join in supporting them meet their fundraising goals.

Fundraising Contacts Request

The Alumni Association is currently working on engaging a consultant to assist in performing a Fundraising Feasibility Study and Fundraising Campaign. If anyone has contacts of individuals they could recommend please contact me via email.

Once again thanks for your time and support.

Juan Serrano
President, Pi Kappa Phi Alumni Association