2009 Donors

Below are the donors who contributed to one of our various funds for 2009. Their support made a big difference and is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Claudius Lee Emerson ’35
Fayette Willard Knapp ’39
Walter A. Eagan ’47
Harland R. Ross ’48
Richard G. Houston ’49
Ronald A. Segel ’51
James F. Meagher ’52
Lawrence J. Olson ’55
Steven Scott Ryder ’71
David W. Halligan ’79
Richard A. Rappaport ’79
John Douglas Steuart ’81
Michael S. Kesler ’82
G. Glenn Izmirian ’84
Charles M. Vasquez ’94
Adrian C. Fernandez ’96
Y Thomas Ho ’97
Reuthanak Tap ’98
Samuel E. Endicott ’03
Jim Wicklund & Carol Enright

Current Donors