Fall 2013 Update from Gamma Alumni Assc

Alumni – Hope you are having a great week waiting for Cal Football’s Opening Game vs Northwestern this Saturday. We are going to cover the following topics quickly:

– Chapter Rush Update
– Football Tailgate Update
– Stephen Deftos Memorial Tree Update

Chapter Rush Update

This past Saturday approx. 30 members of the chapter participated in its Rush Retreat in the Santa Cruz Mountains (just North of Los Gatos). The retreat was hosted by Bill & Launy Peironnet. They did an amazing job cooking all day. In addition, we had other alumni volunteer such as Steve Pas, Mike Prater, Zach Brown, Christian Santiago (plus Sara and daughter Charlotte), Ryan Panos (plus Becky) and I. Many thanks to all alumni and friends that helped out. Official rush starts Thursday, 8/29 and runs through next Thursday, 9/5. The Chapter will be hosting Bid Night Dinner on Thursday, 9/5 at 7:30 pm and encourages alumni to attend. We already have a few rsvps. If you are interested in attending please email me asap and I’ll put you in contact with our Chapter Advisor (Zach Brown) and Rush Chair (Casey Doherty) for up to date info. Finally, We’ve got a few legacies that are in the process of rushing and have had at least 2 alumni contact me about sons of friends starting at Cal that want to rush. Please email us if you have any potential rushees that our Chapter can reach out to this week.

Football Tailgate Update

Per earlier emails, we are looking for football tailgate sponsors ($100 donation in exchange for free parking spot). So far I have the following volunteers:

8/31 vs Northwestern: Alan Arredondo, Ryan Panos, Derrick Wong, (Still need 2 more sponsors)
9/7 vs Portland St: Freddy Fernandez, Cory Dean, (Still need 2-3 more sponsors)
9/14 vs Ohio St: Frank Winton Jr, Alan Arredondo, Larry Sage, AJ Janoyan, (Still need 2-3 more sponsors)
10/5 vs WSU: Cory Dean, (Still need 2-3 more sponsors)
10/19 vs Oregon St: None, (Need 3-5 sponsors)
11/2 vs UofA: None, (Need 3-5 sponsors)
11/9 vs USC: Scott Keller, (Still need 2-3 more sponsors

Let us know asap if you would like to sponsor a game.

Stephen Deftos Memorial Tree Update

As a lot of you know, the Stephen Deftos Memorial Tree succumbed to a tree disease last Summer. Many of you alumni (to be recognized later) donated money to replace the tree. A check was provided to the University last Fall. As most of you know the University is very slow. After the payment was finally allocated to the right account, the work order has been placed to order/plant the tree. The tree will be an Elderberry tree. It’s expected to be planted in the same location as the previous one by mid-Oct. I’ve been in communication with Stephen’s mother (Linda Deftos) and we are working on a re-dedication ceremony for the morning of Saturday, 11/9. This will be the morning of the USC vs Cal game. If you are interested in attending or learning more information please contact us via email.

That’s it for this update. Hope to see some of you on Saturday. More updates to come in the next couple of weeks with Rush results, Tailgate updates, etc.

Juan Serrano
Gamma Alumni Association