Summer 16 Update from Gamma Alumni Assc

Gamma Alumni – Below please find a number of summer updates:

Chapter Update

  • This Fall we will have 38 live-ins and approx. 50 active members in the Chapter.
  • This Summer Undergrad True Loan participated in the Journey of Hope participating as a rider for the original route

Chapter House Renovation Project

  • Last year our Board refinanced our mortgage and was able to take out $150K in cash while maintaining our current monthly payment. We’ve decided to use $100K to do a Chapter remodel and save $50K for other upcoming capital projects including the replacement of our boiler.
  • Steve Pas, Zach Brown, Nick Travaglini and Christian Aguinaldo (Archon) have been working hard on creating a project list and executing the remodel. The project has been divided into 2 phases (beginning and end of summer).
  • Projects have included: 1) remodeling the living room (including re-facing fireplace, new furniture and flooring); 2) remodeling the library (including adding new wifi and furniture); 3) removing first floor barbeque and fixing the first floor deck (including repairing dry rot); 4) replacing first floor security window bars with new more modern design; 5) patching and painting all interior and exterior surfaces; 6) removing the sauna/shower from basement and remodeling it; 7) adding a 3rd floor roof deck railing; 8) frosting all street facing first floor windows for privacy; 9) replacing the front door with a new wood door and adding a new security system for front and basement doors that enable keyless entry for residents; 10) installing a new fence to cut off access through parking lot from Channing to Prospect; 11) creating new garbage enclosure; 12) fixing fencing between Aqua Delt and our property; 13) fixing up our landscaping throughout entire property.
  • As you can tell a lot of work has been done. The house has never looked better. I can’t say enough good things about the alumni/active planners of the remodel and the work of the Contractor.
  • We plan to show off the remodel at the Texas and Utah (Homecoming) games to alumni/parents/friends. Please stop by and check out the work.

Rush Retreat on Saturday, 8/20 at 1 pm

As in year’s past, Bill & Launy Peironnet will be hosting the Fall rush retreat at their Los Gatos home on Saturday, 8/20. We’ll have approx. 35 – 40 active members and at least a dozen alumni/friends that will show up. If you’d like to attend or like to contribute to defray the cost of the event please Contact Us by Friday, 8/12.

Cal vs SDSU Alumni Tailgate at Qualcomm on Saturday, 9/10

Frank Winton, Jr, Carlos and Luis Andrade and I will be hosting a pre-game alumni tailgate on Saturday, 9/10 before the Cal vs SDSU football game. We’ve already gotten rsvp’s from at least a half dozen alumni. If you’d like to attend please rsvp by Friday, 9/2.

Utah vs Cal Alumni Ticket Opportunity (Stadium Club @ $250/tix)

For the homecoming game on 10/1, a Pi Kapp alum from Baylor that works in the office has offered up a great deal for Stadium Club Seating. We’d like to see if we can get 20 alumni who would be interested in attending, so please email us if you are interested in getting more details.

Deftos/Chang/Schad Memorial Activity

Every semester we have a pledge activity where we meet at the Deftos Memorial Tree in the evening. Alumni, Active Chapter Members remember the contributions while in the Chapter and sudden loss that was experienced by their passing. Post activity we meet with the pledges and conduct interviews at the Chapter house. This year’s activity will be on Sat, October 22. Plan is to meet at Free House (Bancroft/College) at 7 pm with departure to the Deftos Memorial Tree at 8 pm. If you are interested in attending please email Nick Travaglini, Chapter Advisor at

We had lots of info to communicate, so thanks again for your time.

Juan Serrano, President
Pi Kappa Phi Alumni Association