Summer 2015 Update from Gamma Alumni Assc

Alumni – Hope everyone is having a great Summer.

Chapter Updates

– The Chapter initiated 9 Spring pledge class members. Approximately 43 members are expected to live in the chapter house this Fall with no plans to have any boarders.
– This Summer we have 1 representative on the Journey of Hope team. Christian Aguinaldo is on the South Team.

Rush Retreat – Sat, 8/22

On Saturday, 8/22 the Alumni Association in conjunction with other Alumni will be hosting our Fall Rush Retreat at Bill & Launy Peironnet’s house in the Santa Cruz Mountains above Los Gatos. We’d love to get at least 20 alumni/family to join the 40+ actives for the rush retreat. Rush Retreat will be from approx. 1 – 3 pm with good times going well into the evening. Rush retreat is family friendly. If you would like to join us or make a donation to the event please Contact Us.

Deftos/Chang/Schad Memorial Pledge Activity – Fri, 10/30

The Deftos/Chang/Schad Memorial Pledge Activity will be hosted this Fall on Friday, 10/30 at 8 pm. Alumni will be meeting before the event at Freehouse on Bancroft/College starting at 6:30 pm. If you are interested in participating please Contact Us.

Cal Football Updates

As communicated before, every home football game the Chapter will be hosting a pre-game tailgate and alumni are encouraged to stop by. We also encourage alumni to sponsor the tailgate ($100/game) in exchange for a free parking space. This year’s home football game schedule is the following:

– 9/5, Grambling St
– 9/12, San Diego St
– 10/3, Washington St
– 10/31, USC
– 11/14, Oregon St
– 11/28 Arizona St

If you are interested in sponsoring a game please Contact Us.

Alumni Connections

Ryan Maples, former Vice-Archon, is graduating this August with a Chemical Engineering degree. He’s interested in networking with alumni in Biotech/Biopharma. If you would be willing to pass along some contacts or talk to him yourself please Contact Us.

Lost Alumni Contact Info

As you know I have a Gamma alumni contact list (emails) of over 400 alumni. From time to time I get emails that bounce back from folks whose addresses aren’t valid anymore. The following contacts fall into that category of no updated email contact info:

Pete Fagrell, Ed Edwin, Luis Mota, Rick Bruce, Amos Rendler, John Vetter, Fayette Knapp, Chris Filson, Kenny Ohtaka, Brian Buddell, Mike Duret, Rick Andrade, Doug Atmore, Loren Baker, Andy Bower, Bard Carson, Russell Chambrier, Fran Chen, Dan Cheng, Michael Clegg, Clark Chu, Dan Cravins, David Davison, Eric Dhall, Joseph Fanelli, Edgar Farrell, John Garcia, Gerald Grismore, Leroy Hoole, Brandon Hsu, Brian Jaffe, Ryan Jorgensen, John Lee, Jason Leal, Conor McCafferty, Jason MacGruder, Fausto Moncada, Gonzalo Montenegro, Ron Osborne, Andre Padilla, Bruce Paul, Raul Pereyra, Mark Preston, Gary Reichold, Robert Ross, Stan Russel, Stefan Sabato, Simon Sabato, Dave Scruggs, Ken Serwin, Scott Shenk, Don Shimizu, Mark Sommer, Carlos Soriano, John Steuart, Randy Tinsley, Tom Stewart, Darrin Swaim, Keith Tower, Dennis Valerio, Van Veloso, Shawn Wang, Robert Whelan, Ethan Wicklund and Al Wilson

If you have contact info for any of these folks please Email Us and copy them so they can state if they want to be on the distribution list.  Our full list of alumni we do not have a valid email address for is posted on our Missing Email Alumni page.

Thanks for your time.

Juan Serrano, President
Pi Kappa Phi Alumni Association (Gamma)