Spring 2022 Update #2 from Gamma Alumni Assc

Gamma Alumni – a number of updates to cover:

Chapter Status

The spring semester is less than a month away from wrapping up.  10 out of the original 11 Spring Pledges were initiated earlier this month.  We anticipate 40 Chapter Members moving in next school year.  We are excited for next Fall.

Alumni/Active Career Night Date Set

Career Night will be on Sunday, April 24 at 5pm PDT.

As mentioned previously, we are building on the success of last year’s online career night to ask alumni to have casual conversations with Actives that are interested in related career fields.  Our number one goal is to help inform our youngest Gammas of all the options they have after graduation in hopes they might find “career satisfaction” before some of us did.  Either that or know how to get out of a crappy career situation, if the need arises.

There is nothing to prepare but possibly 20-30 seconds on your career path.  Please let us know if you’d like to participate.  Special thanks to those of you that have already volunteered.

Deftos/Chang/Schad/Engler Date Reminder

A reminder that our Alumni/Active activity was rescheduled this Semester to Friday, 4/29 at 8 pm at the Deftos Memorial Tree.  Please let us know if you can attend.

Juan Serrano
Pi Kappa Phi Alumni Association